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Markus Wilsing


Andreas Treske


Tijen Sonkan



Spring Semster 2001-2002

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture Exhibition Hall
February 27 - March 02 2002

Student Exhibition

Vision brought together the projects from three different courses and two different departments. Interior Architecture and Environmental Design and Communication Design students worked together in the courses  Computerized Presentation Techniques (IAED 315), Visionary and Future Environments (IAED 393) and Visual Communication Project I (COMD 481). 



Fall Semster 2002-2003

Mimarlar Dernegi 1927, Ankara

January 15 2003


Student Exhibition

The exhibit "UTOPIA?" featured the work of students from the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design at Bilkent University. The projects have been accomplished in the courses Computerized Presentation Techniques (IAED 315) and Visionary and Future Environments (IAED 393)

The exhibit ran from January 15th to February 5th, 2003.

Mimarlar Derneği 1927,  Dönem Etkinlikleri 2002-2004

@ Mimarlar Derneği 1927
Bu kitabın tüm yayın hakları Mimarlar Derneği 1927'ye aittir.
Birinci Baskı, Haziran 2004

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